Smart Electronics both provides electronic engineering, programming and consulting services and manufactures a growing line of unique commercial and industrial electronic controls and devices. The pages of this site describe our products and services.

We have the tools and experience to develop electronic controls and devices for your machinery, equipment, vehicles, instruments and other products. We can design a custom electronic device for your application, and have it manufactured and delivered to you ready to install in your equipment. Our business is small but professional, and we work diligently to provide innovative and cost-effective electronic solutions for our customers.

We sell a number of unique electronic products, including a new series of CAN/CANopen I/O modules, high density USB I/O modules for OEM applications, automatic door controls, rebar machinery controllers and software, water processing controllers, strain gauge interfaces and controllers, specialty conveyor controls.

Smart Electronics is also the Canadian sales and technical representative for ESD Electronics and its excellent line of CAN communication and other industrial electronic products.


Smart Electronics Industrial Electronic Design

Smart Electronics provides fast and professional electronic circuit board design and programming. We have over 20 years of experience designing digital, analog, and micro controller based circuits for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Custom circuit board and controller design and programming for commercial and industrial applications.
  • Reverse engineering and replacement design of existing devices and controllers to reduce your costs.
  • Expert programming in all major languages and platforms.
  • Complete board design from prototyping, testing, debug, and manufacturing. SMT and through-hole.
  • Analog, digital and micro controller based design, engineering and programming for commercial and industrial electronics.
  • Machine controller designs.
  • Low cost circuit board PCB design service.
  • Networking and distributed I/O systems.
  • Professional schematics and drawings.
  • Enclosure and front panel design.
  • Signal conditioning, and interface circuits.
  • Operator interfaces including LCD, LED and video.
  • Ethernet, CAN, CANOpen adapters and I/O design development.
  • Internet connected controls.

CAN/CANopen I/O Modules.
[ Models 905-OV10, 905-IV16]

A new generation of rugged low cost I/O adapters for automation machinery, vehicle, marine, and rail applications.

CAN/CANopen I/O Modules

Rugged CAN/CANopen I/O Modules For Your Control Application

CAN/VME/PCI Products

ESD Electronics of Germany manufactures an excellent line of CAN networking based adapters and other devices, and we provide them technical and sales assistance in Canada. Please review the product line and contact us if you would like to discuss your application or need pricing information.

ESD Electronics CAN based products

View ESD line of CAN Adapters, I/O and Devices
View ESD's line of PCI and Compact PCI Adapters and Devices
View ESD's line of VME Adapters

Faceplates and Graphic Overlays

This is a new service operated by Smart Electronics. We can manufacture custom aluminum faceplate panels and graphic overlays for your electronic enclosures directly from your CAD drawings. Visit our site for Custom Front Panels.

New! Automatic Door Opener Controls

Smart Electronics designs and manufactures controls for automatic doors. We can design low cost controls and related devices for your swing, sliding, and roll-up doors for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Automatic door control information.


Rebar Stirrup Bender and Shear Line Controllers

Smart Electronics designs and manufactures printed circuit boards, controllers, and software for the rebar industry. See our Stirrup Pro controller and contact us about your application.

Rebar controller information.

New! Compact High Density USB 24V I/O Module[Model 912]

This module provides I/O for your PC or Windows CE based control design is perfect for specialized vehicle or machinery applications. The board is small measuring just 5 X 2.8 X .5 inches (127 X 71 X 12 mm) yet provides the following:

  • 10 solid state DC outputs, 2A, short circuit and surge protected, designed for directly driving solenoids, lamps, and relays.
  • 16 DC inputs.
  • All I/O individually optically isolated to provide maximum reliability.
  • Windows .NET and CE DLL interfaces with source code.
  • Mach3 Plug-in to provide I/O for your CNC machinery.
  • Can be customized for your application.
  • High density Molex connections. Includes wiring harness.

New! Lower Cost ESD CAN/USB Adapter

Low cost, reliable CAN/USB adapter

The CAN-USB/Micro is a very small CAN-USB interface that fits into a D-Shell connector. The non-isolated CAN interface is directly powered by USB and supports full-speed interface with data transfer to 12 MHz.

Advance Information! RS485/Modbus Keypad/LCD Controller with Customer Graphics for your OEM Equipment. [Model 9161]

This new and unique product will provide your OEM equipment with a low cost user interface with a custom keypad from a single piece through to production quantities. More details to follow.

New! Quadrature Encoder Interface. [Model 9163]

This small interface board is perfect for connecting low cost AVAGO HEDS series quadrature encoders to your servo controller by providing a compact connector mounted RS422 interface.

Quadrature Encoder Interface